🎯Who are we, and why are you here?

You are here because you want a better, more financially confident future. We are here because we can help you with that.

We are Bakksy
— people who develop an app that helps you not only invest in stocks and crypto (even if you don’t know how to do so), but also allows using the money invested whenever you need it!

🤔Are we the first who want to provide global access to investing? No.

But are we the first to:

  • help people make wise investment decisions;
  • put the client's interest first;
  • minimize risks;
  • give free access to investment education?


📚Btw, about education

You can try our free education chatbot right now. It starts with the chapter "Profit: Why invest at all" and covers all essential investing concepts explained in plain language.

🏄What sets us apart from others?

(except all the above)

Our super-feature — unlock your money in investments and use it for daily purchases. Anytime you need. Without selling assets.

Even if you already have a portfolio with another broker, we will help you effortlessly transfer it to Bakksy so that your money is no longer locked in investment.

This feature is truly revolutionary and super cool, but we'll tell more about it later.

🇪🇺Now we are on our way to launching and getting a license in the EU.

We hate spam as much as you, so we promise there won't be any. Only important updates about the project, some prizes, and helpful market info later.

💪Our dream, aim, and vision are simple — democratizing investing for all.

We want to give you and millions of others a tool to help build the future more consciously, responsibly, and easily. This tool is investing, made super simple.

There’s no exact price list yet, but we promise: it will be as low as our business model allows it to be.

👨‍💻Our belief is simple — great teams create great products.

We are building a financial product with a human face, that's why we think it's important for you to know the key players of our team:

✔️One more thing about waitlist.

You are important to us. And this is not just words. That's why we will make you feel important. Here's how.

For being active on our waitlist and giveaway, you’ll have the chance to get free stocks from us:

  1. The more friends you invite, the more points you get
  2. The more points you get, the higher you rank on the Leaderboard
  3. Top 100 participants of the Leaderboard will win free shares:
  • TOP 10 places on the Leaderboard will get €500 worth of shares
  • TOP 30€200 worth of shares
  • TOP 50€100 worth of shares
  • TOP 100€50 worth of shares